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In Sumerian mythology, Kur is a monstrous dragon with scaly body and massive wings.


KUR, as a word, can also refer to a variety of other things. Cuneiform KUR historically means "mountain" but came to refer to "land" in general and as a determiner is placed before the name of a state or kingdom (see also URU). The Assyrian pronunciation is mât.


Kur personifyies the home of the dead, Hell, the "river of the dead", and the void space between the primeval sea (Abzu) and the earth (Ma).


Ereshkigal spoke to Kur when she found him isolated in the Underworld.

I am not afraid of you. Of any of you’ she said out loud, and she meant it. ‘ You are my half brother, Kur, and so are the dark little ones. And somehow I feel there is beauty within you all, even if you and others don’t have eyes to see. But I have. Dive into your Essence, brother, search for the seed that brought you, me and all into being. I also came from that seed. There you will find what unite us, what make us One of a Kind with the One who is All Kinds.