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Not far from Killerton House is an old Iron Age hillfort known as Dolbury Hill. Within this mound is reputed to be stored a mass of treasure that is guarded by the Killerton Dragon.

Every night the Dragon is reputed to fly North-West across the valley of the River Exe to the nearby mound that is Cadbury Castle (OS Map Ref. SS 913052), and then back again.

The reason for this is that the Dragon also has a horde of treasure enterred in that hill also. As an old rhyme says:

If Cadbury Castle and Dolbury Hill delven were
All England might plough with a golden share

Cadbury Castle is another Iron Age hillfort and is one of the main contenders for being the location of King Arthur Pendragon's Camelot.

So in a sense, it could be said that there has been a Dragon there from at least 480AD.

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