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One day, a local woman was surprised to find a large serpent bathing in a nearby pond.

So alarmed was she about this vision that she ran back to the village and told the villagers.

The villagers feared for their children and animals, so they decided upon a plan.

The woman was to sit near the pond in order to attract the beast then the villagers would pounce and kill it. All went well and the villagers did indeed manage to dispatch the creature.

The skin of the serpent was stuffed with straw and was hung outside the woman's farm (the old Manor House near the church) until it rotted, after which it replaced by a painting.

Much later in 1985, an old lady reported that her father had told her (when she was very young), that she should stay away from the pond as therein dwelt a creature that had once devoured a child and its mother.

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