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Alklha is a dragon who lived in the heavens, and he sometimes tried to swallow the sun or the moon. Sadly for Alklha, the moon and the sun were far too hot for the dragon, so he would have to regurgitate them. If there was ever a "bite" in the sun or the moon, the Buriat people would blame Alklha (and thereby take measures to prevent the consumption of the moon or sun entirely). The people also blamed the markings on the moon, which they claimed were made by Alklha's fangs when he attempted to swallow it. The gods saw that Alklha was causing problems, so they cut him in half, throwing the bottom half of him onto the Earth. This allowed Alklha to swallow the moon or sun, but it would fall out of him now that he was no longer whole.

Much like Apep, Alklha represents the eclipse of the sun.

Physical Description

Alklha is described as having black wings which, outspread, covered the sky, thereby disallowing any light to earth. ´