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The dragon Abraxas originated in Persian mythology however the name has been taken up elsewhere. As such descriptions of Abraxas vary considerably.

Abraxas is usually described as having either a man or a serpent's body with the head of a cockerel (sometimes two such heads). He has two dragon's feet and carries a whip in his human hands.

The name and image of Abraxas were of importance in Gnosticism and other esoteric teachings. Some identified Abraxas with a supreme deity.

There is much numerological interest in the name Abraxas. The number of letters - seven - is considered important by some. There is also interest in the fact that the letters of the name can be made to sum to 365 in some systems. Abraxas is thus considered the Lord of the 365 Virtues, one of which represents each day of the year.

Some people have suggested that the name "Abraxas" could itself be derived from "Abracadaba".

The name is considered to have great power and is inscribed on stone talismans called Abraxas Stones.